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Paddy Power joins Brexit odds market

Paddy Power gets involved in Brexit odds market

Ever the one to get involved in touchy, political issues – one of the UK’s most popular online sportsbooks has been in the news again this week. Paddy Power are known for diving headfirst into the boiling pot when it comes to outrageous predictions and touchy bets, and this week they’ve excelled even themselves by wading into the Brexit debate.

Brexit background: UK sportsbook lost plenty of cash when the European Union Referendum returned a Leave vote in the final days of Cameron’s leadership, and since that day the United Kingdom has been tearing itself apart between “leavers” and “remainders”. In recent weeks, there has been cause for optimism, with Prime Minister Theresa May delivering a speech in Florence urging the EU and the UK to find common ground and authorize a deal between the countries. There is already a lot at stake, with the rights of expats (both abroad and at home), future trade deals, the Irish Border, and the fabled exit bill all at stake. Speaking of stakes, Paddy Power has an interesting take on what they believe will happen, too. Take it with a pinch of salt, though; after all, the bookies were wrong last time.

Brexit – according to Paddy Power

Paddy Power is currently offering evens on a no Brexit deal before the March 2019 deadline, whilst Theresa May is now just 2/1 to still be in power come that time. You can even get 4/11 that at least 2 (perhaps more) prime ministers will have held the post during the negotiation phase. Other nifty Brexit odds currently on the fly from the leading UK sportsbook include 9/4 on a new General Election being called in 2018, 4/1 that the UK will apply to re-join the EU within 10 years, and 7/1 that another EU referendum will be called before the end of next year.

Participate with Paddy Power

Brexit is such a divisive issue, but if you have a say, then why not put your money where your mouth is with Paddy Power? Join the popular UK sportsbook today and you can claim a free £10 risk-free bet when you deposit and stake a tenner on Brexit, sports or plenty of other betting markets, today.

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Paddy Power Betfair break ranks

Paddy Power Betfair joins the UK Government’s call

Until now, most UK bookmakers have been opposed to the UK Government’s plan to crack down on fixed odds betting terminals. One major UK bookie has decided to break ranks with the rest, and side with the government, though: Paddy Power Betfair!

The UK Government’s plans

The UK Government has long held plans to radically alter the fixed odds betting terminal industry in the UK. Anti-gamblers have referred to fixed odds betting terminals as the “crack cocaine of gambling”. The machines currently allow players to place maximum bets of £100 a pop, and the government wants to adjust that to £20 a game. Even then, most bookies have decided that £20 is too little to be worthwhile for them, and have estimated that as many as 9,000 bookies could be other leading UK bookies.

Paddy Power Betfair betrays the pack

Paddy Power Betfair SportsJust because Paddy Power Betfair has decided to join the UK Government on the stance doesn’t make them betrayers of the pack. However, Paddy Power Betfair have urged the government to go further, and cap the maximum stake at £10 per game. Whilst it certainly makes Paddy Power Betfair sound noble, there is something players should know about their move.

Underneath it all, Paddy Power Betfair do not run any high-street bookies in the UK. The same cannot be said of Ladbrokes, Gala Coral and William Hill. By siding with the government, Paddy Power Betfair have nothing to lose, and would in fact gain from the other high street bookies have outlets closed. Suddenly Paddy Power Betfair’s motives seem far more selfish.

Play with Paddy Power Betfair

Of course, this despicable action is likely to infuriate players over at Ladbrokes and William Hill, but it may win over some fans who wish to see stricter regulations in the casino world. If you fancy joining the tearaway bookies, Paddy Power is offering all newbies the chance to claim a free £10 bet when they sign up at their domain, whilst Betfair is offering up to £100 for all newbies to come and join their sportsbook this autumn.

New Customers Only. 18+. T&Cs Apply

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Paddy Power get serious this week

Betting world got serious, particularly Paddy Power Sportbook

This week, the online sports betting world got serious, particularly where the UK is concerned. Some of the leading UK betting companies have joined forces to put together a package worth £8 million which they hope will be used to highlight the dangers of problem gambling. At the same time, Paddy Power sportsbook have decided to toughen their rules regarding affiliates, so that false advertising is whittled out of the industry.

£8 million to highlight problem betting

The new fund from a host of the UK’s biggest sportsbooks has been made by Remote Gambling Organisation, a trade body of betting companies, who work with the Advertising Association to ensure that gambling advertising focuses on problem gambling as well as adverts to appeal to players with big bonuses galore.

There have been growing calls from Tom Watson – Labour Party deputy leader – to ban sportsbook sponsorship in football, to restrict fixed odds betting terminals in UK high-street bookies, and to highlight problem gambling. The move may be a way of appeasing some of those hard-line strategies to regulate UK sports betting.

Paddy Power gets tough on affiliates

At the same time, one of the UK’s leading sportsbooks, Paddy Power, has made a move which should aim to end false advertising in the UK. Paddy Power Betfair have decided that the affiliate market needs closer regulation, particularly when it comes to dubious promotions. The sportsbook giant has now placed into effect a series of rules and regulations which will see affiliates face a one-strike rule, should they false advertise or promote the sportsbook in a dubious manner. Sky Betting and Gaming had earlier made similar moves, although in their case they completely axed their affiliate program. In the UK, the UK Gambling Commission considers operators responsible for the work by affiliates, so Paddy Power Betfair seems to be taking this problem very seriously.

Joining Paddy Power or Betfair are still top dogs

Of course, none of these issues should put you off playing at Paddy Power, Betfair or other leading UK sportsbooks. If you are safe, control your gambling, and don’t mind dropping a few quid on your favourite sporting events, UK sportsbooks like Paddy Power and Betfair are perfectly safe places to place bets.

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Paddy Power is backing Rooney

Paddy Power and Betfair are backing Rooney to shine before the end

Let’s face it: for the last few year’s Wayne Rooney has hardly been on top of his game when it comes to Manchester United or England. Now he’s left both. Having been generously allowed to leave on a free transfer to Everton, and announcing his retirement from international duty this week, Wayne Rooney is free to focus all his attentions on his domestic football with his boyhood club. His form has improved already, so much so that Paddy Power are offering punters a tasty deal if he can become the Premier League’s all-time top scorer.

Rooney to knock-off Shearer?

Paddy Power Sportsbook BonusPaddy Power – one of the leading UK sportsbooks – is currently offering punters the chance to bet on whether the former Manchester United and England striker can surpass Alan Shearer as the all-time leading scorer in the top flight. At present, Rooney is just 60 goals behind the former Blackburn, Newcastle and England legend.

Wayne Rooney may have scored against Manchester City and become only the second player to enter the 200-club in the Premier League, but he’s still quite some way off Shearer’s record. Alan Shearer bagged 260 goals in his time in the top flight, and Rooney is quite far away from achieving that. In fact, many are predicting that the marksmen will never get anywhere near that record. He’s already become England and Manchester United’s top goalscorer, though, so Rooney is a player who likes to break records.

Paddy Power takes an interest

Paddy Power are taking an interest in Rooney, and are offering some tasty deals if you’re willing to back the striker in other areas, too. Betting on Rooney to finish at the season’s top scorer can see you get 33/1, although that is some way behind Man United’s Romelu Lukaku and Spurs’ Harry Kane, who are at 2/1 and 9/2 to do the job. If you fancy Rooney to bag Player of the Year, he comes in at 33/1, whilst if Rooney scores more assists than anyone else, you can net 35/1.

Will you have a punt on Rooney with Paddy Power or Betfair?

If you fancy a punt on Rooney with Paddy Power, sign up with the popular Irish and UK sportsbook today. Newbies can claim a free £30 bet right now, and it is risk-free. Match deposit bonuses and regular loyalty deals are plentiful, too, but only if you join Betfair this summer. New Customers Only. 18+. T&Cs Apply

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