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Paddy Power joins Brexit odds market

Paddy Power gets involved in Brexit odds market

Ever the one to get involved in touchy, political issues – one of the UK’s most popular online sportsbooks has been in the news again this week. Paddy Power are known for diving headfirst into the boiling pot when it comes to outrageous predictions and touchy bets, and this week they’ve excelled even themselves by wading into the Brexit debate.

Brexit background: UK sportsbook lost plenty of cash when the European Union Referendum returned a Leave vote in the final days of Cameron’s leadership, and since that day the United Kingdom has been tearing itself apart between “leavers” and “remainders”. In recent weeks, there has been cause for optimism, with Prime Minister Theresa May delivering a speech in Florence urging the EU and the UK to find common ground and authorize a deal between the countries. There is already a lot at stake, with the rights of expats (both abroad and at home), future trade deals, the Irish Border, and the fabled exit bill all at stake. Speaking of stakes, Paddy Power has an interesting take on what they believe will happen, too. Take it with a pinch of salt, though; after all, the bookies were wrong last time.

Brexit – according to Paddy Power

Paddy Power is currently offering evens on a no Brexit deal before the March 2019 deadline, whilst Theresa May is now just 2/1 to still be in power come that time. You can even get 4/11 that at least 2 (perhaps more) prime ministers will have held the post during the negotiation phase. Other nifty Brexit odds currently on the fly from the leading UK sportsbook include 9/4 on a new General Election being called in 2018, 4/1 that the UK will apply to re-join the EU within 10 years, and 7/1 that another EU referendum will be called before the end of next year.

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