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It was a bad week for the bookies and football

Tough and bad as well – bookies and football

It is inevitable that at some point throughout the Premier League season that certain weeks will just be bad for the bookies. The first bad bookie weekend of the 2017/2018 Premier League season kicked off last weekend, with bookies reporting losses across the board. What constitutes a bad week for bookies? When all the bookies’ favourites face considerably lesser opposition and they all win, of course.

Game Week 6 kills the bookies

Top UK BookiesGame Week 6 took place from September 23-25 (Saturday to Monday), with Saturday seeing the favourites in 7 out of the 8 matches win their matches. Tottenham defeated West Ham 3-2, whilst Everton won 2-1 at home to Bournemouth, and Liverpool scraped a 2-3 victory away at Leicester. Manchester City thrashed Crystal Palace 5-0, Chelsea bagged a 4-0 away win over Stoke, whilst United struggled but ultimately lucked out in a 1-0 away win against Southampton. In fact, only Burnley and Huddersfield ended in a draw.

With a good number of punters slapping down accumulator bets, plenty in the UK bookmaker industry braced for a multi-million pay-out to players. Things got worse on Monday, as Arsenal beat West Brom 2-0, compounding more misery for bookies and joy for players with accumulators.

The next “bad weekend”

Of course, last weekend was no mere blip on the radar. “Bad Weekends” occur at several times throughout the season, although it is largely down to the random fixture lists as to whether you get a flurry of easy to predict matches multiple times per year. With few big clubs scheduled to meet in the immediate future, the UK’s biggest bookies could be set for a few more ups and down before October fades from view.

Play with the most famous bookies such as Bet365

Bet365 offers some wonderful accumulators, so if you fancy bagging a buck or two with accumulated bets on bad weekend footy matches, look no further than them. Bet365 is currently offering all newbies the chance to claim a £200 bonus when they decide to sign up and try their luck with them this month.

UK Sports Betting News

Paddy Power Betfair break ranks

Paddy Power Betfair joins the UK Government’s call

Until now, most UK bookmakers have been opposed to the UK Government’s plan to crack down on fixed odds betting terminals. One major UK bookie has decided to break ranks with the rest, and side with the government, though: Paddy Power Betfair!

The UK Government’s plans

The UK Government has long held plans to radically alter the fixed odds betting terminal industry in the UK. Anti-gamblers have referred to fixed odds betting terminals as the “crack cocaine of gambling”. The machines currently allow players to place maximum bets of £100 a pop, and the government wants to adjust that to £20 a game. Even then, most bookies have decided that £20 is too little to be worthwhile for them, and have estimated that as many as 9,000 bookies could be other leading UK bookies.

Paddy Power Betfair betrays the pack

Paddy Power Betfair SportsJust because Paddy Power Betfair has decided to join the UK Government on the stance doesn’t make them betrayers of the pack. However, Paddy Power Betfair have urged the government to go further, and cap the maximum stake at £10 per game. Whilst it certainly makes Paddy Power Betfair sound noble, there is something players should know about their move.

Underneath it all, Paddy Power Betfair do not run any high-street bookies in the UK. The same cannot be said of Ladbrokes, Gala Coral and William Hill. By siding with the government, Paddy Power Betfair have nothing to lose, and would in fact gain from the other high street bookies have outlets closed. Suddenly Paddy Power Betfair’s motives seem far more selfish.

Play with Paddy Power Betfair

Of course, this despicable action is likely to infuriate players over at Ladbrokes and William Hill, but it may win over some fans who wish to see stricter regulations in the casino world. If you fancy joining the tearaway bookies, Paddy Power is offering all newbies the chance to claim a free £10 bet when they sign up at their domain, whilst Betfair is offering up to £100 for all newbies to come and join their sportsbook this autumn.

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