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Paddy Power get serious this week

Betting world got serious, particularly Paddy Power Sportbook

This week, the online sports betting world got serious, particularly where the UK is concerned. Some of the leading UK betting companies have joined forces to put together a package worth £8 million which they hope will be used to highlight the dangers of problem gambling. At the same time, Paddy Power sportsbook have decided to toughen their rules regarding affiliates, so that false advertising is whittled out of the industry.

£8 million to highlight problem betting

The new fund from a host of the UK’s biggest sportsbooks has been made by Remote Gambling Organisation, a trade body of betting companies, who work with the Advertising Association to ensure that gambling advertising focuses on problem gambling as well as adverts to appeal to players with big bonuses galore.

There have been growing calls from Tom Watson – Labour Party deputy leader – to ban sportsbook sponsorship in football, to restrict fixed odds betting terminals in UK high-street bookies, and to highlight problem gambling. The move may be a way of appeasing some of those hard-line strategies to regulate UK sports betting.

Paddy Power gets tough on affiliates

At the same time, one of the UK’s leading sportsbooks, Paddy Power, has made a move which should aim to end false advertising in the UK. Paddy Power Betfair have decided that the affiliate market needs closer regulation, particularly when it comes to dubious promotions. The sportsbook giant has now placed into effect a series of rules and regulations which will see affiliates face a one-strike rule, should they false advertise or promote the sportsbook in a dubious manner. Sky Betting and Gaming had earlier made similar moves, although in their case they completely axed their affiliate program. In the UK, the UK Gambling Commission considers operators responsible for the work by affiliates, so Paddy Power Betfair seems to be taking this problem very seriously.

Joining Paddy Power or Betfair are still top dogs

Of course, none of these issues should put you off playing at Paddy Power, Betfair or other leading UK sportsbooks. If you are safe, control your gambling, and don’t mind dropping a few quid on your favourite sporting events, UK sportsbooks like Paddy Power and Betfair are perfectly safe places to place bets.