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Alexis Sanchez breaks first record

Alexis Sanchez breaks record at Manchester United

Alexis Sanchez only plays for a few days at Manchester United. The Chilean joined during the winter break from Arsenal to Manchester United. Nevertheless, he has already broken a record, although he has only scored a goal. His jersey with number seven was sold in Winer most. The previous record was broken by three times betrayed United boss Ed Woodward and not just in this category that Alexis Sanchez sets new records. Which records is he still breaking?

Ed Woodward added a very different aspect about Alexis Sanchez: “This transfer has also brought with it some interesting Social Media numbers: with two million likes and shares, the post was the biggest United post ever since the Sanchez Transfer. On Facebook, a post has never been so often liked and on Twitter went the retweets through the ceiling. Considering that Alexis Sanchez only played twice for his new club, that’s impressive facts. The Chilean is already loved by the Manchester fans!

Match Day 27 Premier League

Alexis SanchezSaturday,  10th February – 13:30h

  • ⇒ Tottenham Hotspur – Arsenal London

Saturday,  10th February – 16:00h

  • ⇒ Everton FC – Crystal Palace
  • ⇒ Swansea City – Burnley
  • ⇒ Stoke City – Brighton & Hove Albion
  • ⇒ West Ham United – Watford FC

Saturday, 10th February – 18:30h

  • ⇒ Manchester City – Leichester City

Sunday, 11th February – 13:00h

  • ⇒ Huddersfield Town – AFC Bournemouth

Sunday, 11th February – 15:15h

  • ⇒ Newcastle United – Manchester United

Sunday, 11th February – 17:30h

  • ⇒ Southampton FC –  FC Liverpool

Sunday, 11th February – 21:00h

  • ⇒ Chelsea FC – West Bromwich Albion

More Premier League News and Rumors

Schachtjors Star Fred transfer to Manchester City: After Pep Guardiola has lost the race for Alexis Sanchez, he wants to commit another star: Fred von Schachtjor Donetsk. In order to buy Fred already in the winter from the Ukraine, Manchester City plans an offer over 45 million euro. Because he would not be eligible to play in the Champions League, he should provide in the current season for relief in the league. In the future, Fred to be the successor of Fernandinho. He will most likely finish his career in 2020.

Alexis Sanchez sentenced to 16 months in prison: Alexis Sanchez was sentenced in Spain to 16 months in prison for tax evasion. After this is not more than 24 months, he does not have to face the detention and can turn them into a fine. The Spanish agency EFE reports the following: Alexis Sanchez has agreed with the prosecutor on this agreement. He has in the season 2012/13, during this time still in the service of FC Barcelona, has evaded taxes of one million euros. Alexis Sanchez was relieved about the result.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s reason to join Arsenal

That’s why Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang wanted to go to Arsenal London: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang joined FC Arsenal for 64 million euro in the winter. Now the former Bundesliga top scorer and Borussia Dortmund striker has talked about the reasons. The main reason for a change was therefore Henrikh Mkhitaryan because both already harmonized beautifully at BVB. The reunification was like “having a brother, a good friend,” said Aubameyang on the Arsenal Weekly podcast. “We’ve played together in the past and I’m really glad to see him again.”

Even before the change came, both were in close contact. “He called me a couple of times and he asked, ‘will you change or not?’ I said, ‘first you have to tell me if you sign or not,’ “Aubameyang said.When the deal with Mkhitaryan, Arsenal and Manchester United was finally wrapped up, Aubameyang moved on. “He told me everything was done,” said the Gabonese, “and that was the biggest reason for me to go to Arsenal.” Friends will be friends…

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Deadline Day – Transfer Window closed in UK

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and the Deadline Day

The famous Deadline Day at 11pm on the 31st of January is the transfer closing window. This is the last chance for transfer in the Premier League and other European countries like Germany (5pm), Italy (10pm) or Spain (11pm). This also is the end of the fight for the last change-willing footballers. Manchester United made the best deal as Arsenal Star goes to the Red Devils and Henrikh Mkhitaryan goes the other way.

Deadline DayDeadline Day for Arsenal: The Gunners are still hunting for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Borussia Dortmund. The final formalities seem to be done and the transfer sum is 63 million euros. But the official confirmation does not exist yet. That could last until the last second of the Deadline Day! Another club is also still fighting until the very last minute of the Deadline Day: Tottenham are trying to sign Lucas Moura from FC Paris Saint-Germain. Slowly it gets hectic, because only a few hours are left until the deadline.

Liverpool loses sensationel in the FA Cup against West Brom

Also eliminated in the fourth round of the Cup were the Premier League clubs West Ham (0-2 lost to Wigan) and Watford (0-1 lost to Southampton). Tottenham only draws against fourth division Newport County, Swansea vs. Notts County, Millwall vs. AFC Rochdale and Huddersfield vs. Birmingham. These games will be repeated on the 6th and 7th of February. There are no play-offs in the FA Cup. FA Cup Fixture inlusive replays:

Deadline DayFA Cup Replays 4th round Replays on 06th February – 19:45h

  • ⇒ Burmingham – Huddersfield
  • ⇒ AFC Rochdale – Millwall
  • ⇒ Swansea City – Notts County
  • ⇒ Tottenham – Newport County

FA Cup Fixtures 5th round Friday, 17th February – 15:00h

  • ⇒ Wigan – Manchester City
  • ⇒ Chelsea FC – Hull City AFC
  • ⇒ Wednesday – Still Open
  • ⇒ Leicester City– Sheffield United
  • ⇒ West Bromwich – FC Southampton
  • ⇒ Still Open – Manchester United
  • ⇒ Brighton FC – Coventry

More Premier League News and Rumors

Top match on Match Day 25: The top match for the 25. Match day in the Premier League will be in Tottenham. The Spurs welcome Manchester United and are already under considerable pressure. The reason is simple: Currently the Surs are only in 5th place in the Premier League. The team are already eight points behind Manchester United and threaten to miss the Champions League.But, Mauricio Pochettino trains one of the best teams in Europe. Tottenham has undoubtedly heard the future with players like Alli, Kane, Son or Davinson Sanchez. But the opponent is well prepared: Alexis Sanchez (new from Arsenal, London) sees the Red Devils as dangerous. Currently, second place is booked, with a small chance to catch up with Manchester City.

Arsenal London extends contract with Mesut Özil: Mesut Özil has decided to stay with Arsenal London after 2018. The national player from Germany will extend his contract this week. Nothing is known yet about the new terms and the contract length. The decision of Özil is a bit surprising, as Manchester United and coach Jose Mourinho were interested in the top star. But now it’s clear: The 29-year-old sees his future with Arsenal. Özil has been playing for Arsenal for more than 4 years. In 2013 he moved from Real Madrid to the Gunners. He has played 21 times this season and is one of the most valued players around coach Arsene Wenger. Bet on FA Cup and Premiere League

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Arturo Vidal – Chelsea or Manchester United

Manchester United is also hunting Arturo Vidal

Arturo Vidal to Manchester or Chelsea? For quite a while there are rumors about Bayern Munich star Arturo Vidal. The newest rumor comes from Chelsea. The Blues are interested to buy the Chilean. But now also Manchester United has expressed his interest. Thus, a change from Bayern Munich in the Premier League is becoming more likely. Bayern coach Jupp Heynckes has denied an immediate change to Chelsea. But by summer, Arturo Vidal will leave Bayern. At the age of 30 he is looking for a new challenge and Chelsea or Manchester United are his best options. Wanna bet on it? here…

Southampton make record transfer: FC Southamption have bought Monaco’s Guido Carrillo from AS Monaco. The Saints confirmed the transfer on Thursday night. Apparently, Southampton has paid about 22 million euros to buy the Argentine from the Principality. This makes Guido Carrillo the most expensive player of the Premier League club of all time. For the Gabonese Mario Lemina paid the Premier League club last summer about 18 million euros to Juventus Turin.

Match Day 25 Premier League

Arturo VidalTuesday, 30th January – 19:45h

  • ⇒ Swansea City – Arsenal London
  • ⇒ Westham United – Crystal Palace

Tuesday, 30th January – 20:00h

  • ⇒ Huddersfield – FC Liverpool

Wednesday, 31th January – 19:45h

  • ⇒ Southampton FC – Brighton
  • ⇒ Chelsea – Bournemouth
  • ⇒ Everton FC – Leicester City
  • ⇒ Newcastle United – Burnley FC

Wednesday, 31th January – 20:00h

  • ⇒ Manchester City –  West Bromwich
  • ⇒ Tottenham Hotspurs – Manchester United
  • ⇒ Stoke City – Watford FC

More Premier League News and Rumors

Jose Mourinho extends contract with Manchester United: Coach Jose Mourinho has already renewed his contract with Manchester United. This, the Red Devils officially announced on Thursday evening. The new employment contract of the Portuguese couch is dated until 2020, with an option for another year. Jose Mourinho said “I am very honored and proud to be manager of Manchester United. I would like to say a big thank you to the owners and Mr. Woodward for confirming my hard work.” Ed Woodward, Deputy Chairman of the Red Devils is very pleased with the contract extension of the star coach.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Transfer in danger: As the Daily Mail reports, there are even more difficulties with the transfer of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Borussia Dortmund to Arsenal London. On the one hand, the two football clubs do not agree on the transfer fee. On the other hand, in exchange Olivier Giroud should change from Arsenal to Borussia Dortmund. The player obviously has other plans and does not want to play in Dortmund. Thus, Borussia Dortmund is now investigating a possible transfer of Michy Batshuayi from Chelsea FC. This confirmed Chelsea coach Antonio Conte.

Joao Mario to West Ham United? The transfer of Joao Mario from Inter Milan to West Ham United seems certain. Both sides have confirmed that. The 25-year-old midfield player at Inter Milan only second choice after the signing of Rafinha from Barcelona. Hammers coach David Moyes confirmed on Thursday the rumors about a possible loan from Inter Milan. “Your sources are correct, it’s a loan, but we can tell you more when the transfer is complete,” said the Scot at a press conference.

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Gareth Bale – Premier League Match Day 24

Gareth Bale back in Premier League?

Again there are rumors that Real Madrid Superstar Gareth Bale is thinking about returning to the Premier League. Having already named Tottenham Hotspurs, but obviously Manchester United are also interested. Gareth Bale played for Southampton and Tottenham in England’s top division from 2007 to 2013, ahead of his Spain involvement. The now 28-year-old Bale will almost certainly finish his career sometime in the Premier League, but the question is “when”.

There is only one small problem for Gareth Bale: Jose Mourinho. His former coach at Real Madrid is obviously not interested in a deal – contrary to the bosses at Manchester United. They are backing for a transfer of the Super Striker – a transfer fee of £84 million was called. What is also currently speaking against a transfer from Bale to Manchester United, top star Alexis Sanchez moved from Arsenal London to Old Trafford – in exchange with Henrikh Mkhitaryan. At least in the moment Gareth Bale must probably wait – perhaps even to a time after Jose Mourinho. It remains exciting …

Match Day 24 Premier League

Gareth Bale
Gareth Bale Real Madrid

Saturday, 20th January – 13:30h

  • ⇒ Brighton Albion – Chelsea FC

Saturday, 13th January – 16:00h

  • ⇒ Arsenal FC – Crystal Palace
  • ⇒ AFC Bournemouth – West Ham United
  • ⇒ Stoke City – Huddersfild Town
  • ⇒ Leicester City – Watford FC
  • ⇒ Everton FC –  West Bromwich
  • ⇒ Burnley FC – Manchester United

Saturday, 13th January – 18:30h

  • ⇒ Manchester City – Newcastle United

Sunday, 21th January – 17:00h

  • ⇒ Southampton FC – Tottenham Hotspurs

Monday, 22th January – 21:00h

  • ⇒ Swansea City – Liverpool

More Premier League News and Rumors

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang leaves Borussia Dortmund – no one has any doubts about that. The new hot address is called Arsenal London, that seems to be safe. But where is the problem? For one, Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund are not yet agreed regarding the transfer fee and probably also the high salary demands of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. On the other hand, after the sale of Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United, Arsenal London is also under pressure and will probably announce a transfer in the next few days.

Another highly sought-after player has extended his contract to Manchester City: midfield star Fernandinho. He has signed a new contract dated to 2020. This was announced by the Skyblues on Friday afternoon. “This is a club with a fantastic future and I want to be there for as long as possible,” said Fernandinho, who moved to Manchester from Shakhtar Donetsk in 2013. The 32-year-old belongs to the regular staff under Pep Guardiola. From 23 league matches he was 22 times in the starting lineup.

This player will definitely not move to the Premier League: Malcom Oliveira, known as Malcom, the Brazilian footballer who plays as a forward for Girondins Bordeaux. Arsenal is currently not ready to pay the 50 million euro transfer fee. In the summer, however, they want to continue negotiations and hopes to be able to commit the 20-year-old then. That will probably increase the chances of a certain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang …

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