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FIFA World Cup 2018 Match News

It’s happening!

The FIFA World Cup 2018 is taking place this summer in Russia, with countries from around the globe gathering to play football, in order to win the coveted World Cup trophy. On Thursday the 14th June 2018, the first of 64 football matches will take place, which sees the hosts Russia take on Saudi Arabia at 16:00 in the group stage.

FIFA World Cup 2018There are three matches the following day;

  • Egypt vs Uruguay at 13:00
  • Morocco vs Iran at 16:00
  • Portugal vs Spain at 19:00.

Saturday the 16th June will see four games take place;

  • France vs Australia at 11:00
  • Argentina vs Iceland at 14:00
  • Peru vs Denmark at 17:00
  • Croatia vs Nigeria at 20:00.

Sunday the 17th June fixtures are as follows:

  • Costa Rica vs Serbia at 13:00
  • Germany vs  Mexico at 16:00
  • Brazil vs Switzerland at 19:00.

On Monday the 18th June will see the following teams play;

  • Sweden vs South Korea at 13:00
  • Belgium vs Panama at 16:00
  • Tunisia vs England at 19:00.

Tuesday the 19th June offers two games from this group;

  • Colombia vs Japan at 13:00
  • Poland vs Senegal at 16:00
  • Russia also host Egypt on the 19th of June at 19:00.

World Cup match day 2 of 3

FIFA World CupWednesday 20th June fixtures;

  • Portugal vs Morocco at 13:00
  • Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia at 16:00
  • Iran vs Spain at 19:00.

Thursday 21st June;

  • Denmark vs Australia at 13:00
  • France vs Peru at 16:00
  • Argentina vs Croatia at 19:00.

Friday 22nd June sees the following teams play;

  • Brazil vs Costa Rica at 13:00
  • Nigeria vs Iceland at 16:00
  • Serbia vs Switzerland at 19:00.

Saturday 23rd June fixtures are;

  • Belgium vs Tunisia at 13:00
  • South Korea vs Mexico at 16:00
  • Germany vs Sweden at 19:00.

Sunday 24th June hosts three matches;

  • England vs Panama at 13:00
  • Japan vs Senegal at 16:00
  • Poland vs Colombia at 19:00.

World Cup match day 3 of 3

FIFA 2018Match day 3 of 3 in the group stage, sees eight matches take place over the course of two days;

Monday 25th June;

  • Uruguay vs Russia at 15:00
  • Saudi Arabia vs Egypt at 15:000
  • Spain vs Morocco at 19:00
  • Iran vs Portugal at 19:00.

Tuesday 26th June fixtures are;

  • Denmark vs France at 15:00
  • Australia vs Peru at 15:00
  • Iceland vs Croatia at 19:00
  • Nigeria vs Argentina at 19:00

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