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Christiano Ronaldo Property Hunting in England

Christiano Ronaldo: Will he won’t he?

For some time now, football fans have been wondering if the Real Madrid star Christiano Ronaldo will make a return to Manchester United, but we still don’t have concrete evidence – or do we? Recently, Christiano Ronaldo has hinted at a retro to his former club, but has remained tight-lipped, so when sources recently informed us of his property hunting in England, we instantly got excited. In 2009, Christiano Ronaldo left the red devils for a then world-record £80m deal, but since his departure, he has often quoted that he misses Manchester United, the fans and England.

The Sunday Mirror recently made a bold statement that the international football star, has dropped a huge hint about his future, stating that he is seriously weighing up his future options. Property hunting seems to be underway, with the 32-year old house hunting for a return to the Premier League – our money is on Man Utd but who’s your bet on? There are many sports book websites taking bets this.

Other interest?

Despite other Premier League teams being interested in the star, the Portuguese international has a close relationship with Jose Mourinho, who was the manager of Real Madrid where Christiano Ronaldo plays. So, not only does Christiano Ronaldo have strong ties to Manchester United, he also has a strong tie with the manager of the club – so why would he choose any other team?

Football film

Christiano Ronaldo Real MadridIt seems that Christiano Ronaldo is not just a father to four and a global football star, after recently revealing that he has an ambition to head into the movie industry, when he retires that is. His dreams have come true within the football field, with him retaining the Club World Cup in December for Real Madrid, along with claiming a fifth Ballon d’Or trophy (making it level pegging with rival Lionel Messi), but he only has three short years left on his Real Madrid contract.

By the time his contract comes to a close, Christiano Ronaldo will be 35 years old, so will it be time to hang up his boots for good? It seems so, what with him wanting to head into the acting industry. In a recent interview with Sky Italia, the Real Madrid star said;

“I am focused right now because my football career will finish one day – we all have to retire one day. I know that day will come. But right now, I am enjoying the moment. When I am retired, I think I will have a good life. I don’t say that because of money. I want to try other things; for example, to do movies. I started to plan my future when I was 27, 28 – a long time ago, I began preparing. I have a good team, who work in my company, who start to build good things going forward. In football, I am very calm because I know they depend on me.”